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May 1998I was born in 1972 in Frankfurt at the river Main (Germany), but grew up in Offenbach which is a small city maybe one or two miles south-east of Frankfurt. There I went to school and finally finished in 1991 with A-levels in Mathematics, Physics, Sociology and Arts.

From 1991 to 1992 I served in the German Army called Bundeswehr. This year is more or less mandatory in Germany, although I have to admit that I actually quite support the idea that the citizens of a democracy should rather defend their country themselves instead of paying mercenaries to do this job. In consequence, I was quite motivated anyway.

In 1992 I started to study Electronics at the Technical University of Darmstadt, and in 1994 I decided to specialise in High Frequency Electronics and Telecommunications.

In autumn 1997 I finally had written all my exams. At this point it was time to decide about my final year project. Because I was at that stage quite fed up with the German university system, I felt like doing my final year project in a foreign country and see what studying is like there. As English was my only living foreign language next to Latin and ancient Greek, I was looking for a host university in U.K. to do my project there. The High Frequency Group of the Queen's University of Belfast offered me the project closest related to my studies in Germany so that I finally decided to go there.

In March 1998 I finally finished my undergraduate studies with a diploma degree. Due to the fact that there is nothing like a Bachelor degree in Germany, this lowest achievable degree can be rather compared to a M.Sc., so that the five and a half year it took me to finish my degree are still better than the average of six years in Germany.

Well, I liked the group, Belfast and Ireland so much that I finally decided to apply for a Research Assistant post that was offered at that time. And so I finally returned to Belfast and since then I am undertaking research in MMIC mixer design for 62 - 66 GHz.



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